Project Open Data

Project Open Data is described as “a collection of code, tools, and case studies.” The website was designed to be a community resource to facilitate open data in government, with an open invitation for anyone to contribute - including  government employees, contractors, developers, and the general public.

Many of the tools that are offered on this site are derived from the Labs site. Project Open Data’s list of tools provides resources for federal agencies in several categories, including data catalog tools, engagement tools, converter tools, and miscellaneous tools. A section on “Engaging with open Data”  explains how to engage more users and how to catalyze the use of data from various stakeholders, while another section provides helpful information on how to engage directly with and have open data events advertised on the page. Finally, the Project Open Data website offers case studies of federal government agencies and their implementation of open data tools, such as this case study on how the U.S. Department of Labor implemented a new Application Programming Interface (API) Program.