enables the public, government agencies and their partners to share geospatial data, services, and applications. According to the website: β€œThe GeoPlatform was developed by the member agencies of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) through collaboration with partners and stakeholders. The target audience for the GeoPlatform includes Federal agencies, State, local, and Tribal governments, private sector, academia, and the general public. . . . The portfolio of data, applications, and services provided here is stewarded through the use of open licenses and careful review and hosted on an infrastructure that maximizes interoperability.”

GeoPlatform provides its users with applications and services for governmental and nongovernmental use, a  shared infrastructure to host data and applications, and a focal point where governmental, academic, private, and public data can be visualized together to inform national and regional issues. As of May 2018, the GeoPlatform is currently featuring information on wildfires and hurricane response and recovery for Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey.