Open Data Impact Map

Many data stewards in U.S. government agencies are curious about how their data is being applied, and want to learn more about their data users so they can serve them better. One valuable resource is the Open Data Impact Map, a project of the Open Data for Development (OD4D) Network. The Impact Map is a public database of organizations that use open government data from around the world. It was developed to provide governments, international organizations, and researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of the demand for open data. By mapping these organizations using open data, we can better identify, get feedback on, and improve the most valuable government datasets.

The Impact Map gives a global view of open data, with examples from all regions of the world and more than a dozen sectors such as agriculture, education, health, and housing. It  includes organizations (companies, nonprofits, academic institutions and developer groups) that use open government data for advocacy, to develop products and services, improve operations, inform strategy and conduct research. Often, researchers and government officials find that examples of data applications in one part of the world spark ideas for new work in their own countries. 

The Impact Map can also be used to understand the wide variety of open data applications in the U.S. alone. By clicking on the “Map/Data” navigation tab and choosing the Data view, users can see information about all the Impact Map’s examples in tabular form. Choosing “United States” from the Country filter then reduces the view to more than 600 organizations that use U.S. federal data, and in some cases state and local data as well.

The Impact Map is made possible by the open data community. It is a collaborative effort that draws on previous studies, examples from an international network of Regional Supporters, an online survey, and research. Other researchers are encouraged to analyze and share data from the Impact Map for further insights.

The Open Data Impact Map is supported by funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and is developed and managed by the Center for Open Data Enterprise.